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Mobile Massage Sydney – Jeremy Joseph

I am a Health and Wellness Coach with a history of working in the health Training and fitness industry. Strong sales professional, who has a degree focused on Massage Therapy/Therapist from the Australian Strength & Conditioning Association. I am passionate about the healing and growth of clients through movement, movement specific to their needs and goals. I’m highly motivated, always wanting more to learn more and challenge myself in new ways. This is why I love my role at Herbalife as a Client Services Executive for the Right2Drive Accident Replacement Vehicles Club (BLS) service.

Delivering a full service of massage therapies in and around Sydney, I can create an experience for you at your home, in the office or hotel room. Simply book me through our online booking system on the home page or contact me directly to organise your next treatment.

From one of my clients recently;

“I have been in a corporate environment for many years and have incurred many bad habits along the way which have resulted in my body feeling very neglected and in an immense amount of neck and lower back pain.

A friend referred The Royal Masseur to me through the experience she had with them, so I bit the bullet being nervous as hell because 1/ I’m a single mum in my own home and 2/ I’ve never had a proper massage before.

My first massage, all I can say is that the comfort and professionalism Jeremy provided was fantastic. The massage was definitely painful, but to break my old habits it was much needed and the reassurance from him was again provided. It was quite an experience from start to finish and he made me feel even more comfortable in my own home.

We have created a treatment plan working together moving forward with at home exercises and stretches. So I highly recommend Jeremy and The Royal Masseur to anyone looking to breakthrough from their pain, and bad habits. Can’t wait for the long term results. Thank you again.” Isabella Rose.

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