"Very professional, clean and knowledgeable people throughout the company. We have them treat our staff in our corporate environment every month and our staff love it. Great benefits and conduct strong hygiene measures throughout their time with us." ~ Paddington Furniture


Our in-chair office physiotherapy and massages are conducted in your office to create a comfortable, safe and non-distractive environment, with a time saving approach.

We customise, 10-20 minute per person postural & ergonomic fully clothed assessments, in combination with massage, focusing on the problematic areas office workers succumb to. We aim to reset & recharge each staff member and their health & wellbeing via our proven blueprint.

This allows each staff member to take time away from their work to focus on themselves, and as a result, boosts their energy and wellbeing during the work day, which we hope has a ripple effect on their day to day life.

We have a minimum of 2 hours per corporate booking.

*Discounted rates apply where purchases projec 16 hrs per annum.

See graph for pricing.

Companies we've had the pleasure of working alongside.

Companies we've had the pleasure of working alongside.

Companies we've had the pleasure of working alongside.


Our guided meditation/yoga practice combines movement, breath work and mindful meditation to assist staff members to take a break from the hustle of the work day and focus on themselves.

It creates stillness so the staff member can slow down and re-energise themselves during the work day. Our 45-60 minute sessions aim to find restoration, recovery and reflection. 

Meditation and yoga provides an opportunity for staff to disconnect their minds and reignite their body’s through a structured combination of low impact stretches, breathing and mindful meditation.

These classes are done in a group setting in the office or hired venue by the company. Our classes are limited to no more than 32 people to manage & provide a structured, controlled, smooth class for the single teacher.

Classes are priced at 45 minutes and 60 minutes. 


Our group fitness classes focuses on strengthening the problematic and less engaged areas of the body that staff experience through corporate life.

Our foundational sessions are combined with mobility & movement through body weight exercises, bands, boxing and partner assisted exercises. A great connecting experience where staff can engage with their colleagues, strengthen their body’s, minds and working relationships.

Corporate fitness provides an opportunity for staff to spend designated time to strengthen their bodies in a controlled, systematic environment through professional, experienced coaching.

These sessions can be performed in a local nearby park, or a provided office space equipped to hold 0-32 people (for potential wet weather).

Sessions are priced at 45 minutes and 60 minutes.