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Mobile Massage Sydney – How To Find The Right Mobile Massage Therapist for Your Needs

Mobile Massage

Sydney is packed with businesses offering all types of massage services, both on-site and mobile. The words ‘mobile massage’ can even have a sexual connotation. However,  for the readers of this blog, we are only interested in the best mobile massage offering a unique service that allows people to enjoy a relaxing massage in their home or office. There are all sorts of different styles of massage, from rehabilitative to therapeutic to deep tissue and Swedish massage. Some therapists use only natural oils and lotions/creams to provide a soothing experience for clients, whilst others provide ‘hot rocks’ and aromatherapy as well.

Here at The Royal Masseur, we offer massages in your home, office or hotel and also offer special rates for corporate massage and couples massages where you connect with family and friends to enjoy a phenomenal experience.

Why Do You Need A Mobile Massage?

There are many reasons why you might need a mobile massage. It could be because you’re looking to relax after a stressful day at work, or maybe you just want to unwind before bedtime.  Also, you may need to reduce pain, muscle soreness and tension from your repetitive daily movements. But over the years, we’ve figured out the trigger to why people need a mobile massage. It’s because we lack the time to go out and seek a massage elsewhere. Being at home or in your hotel or office, you have the convenience and comfortability to get treated on your time not someone else’s.  A proper massage also helps in improving circulation, energy and alertness. Lowering heart rate and blood pressure. Whatever the reason, there’s no better way to achieve that than by pampering yourself in the comfort of where you are.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Having A Mobile Massage? (And Which Ones Should Be Top Of Mind?)

The Royal Masseur massaging man on a massage tableIf you’ve never had a mobile massage before, then you probably aren’t aware of how much of an impact they can have not only on your body but on your time. The extra time you have not driving too and from the clinic, sitting in traffic and being stressed out for no good reason, and having the freedom to roll straight into bed or the couch after your session. In fact, most people report feeling addicted after having just one. This is because therapists use different techniques to help you relax and achieve your goals. These include dry-needling, cupping, Remedial, Swedish, deep tissue, sports, reflexology, and hot stone therapy. However, you should keep in mind the creditations of the masseurs and make sure they fully understand which type of massage would best suit you for your current situation, mindset and condition.


How Can I Find The Best Mobile Massage Therapists In My Area?

Finding the right mobile massage therapist for you isn’t as easy as it sounds. You need to consider several things when choosing a mobile massage therapist. First, make sure they’re licensed by the state where they practice. Next, find out whether they offer any additional services such as dry-needling, cupping and/or aromatherapy. Finally, ask them about their training, certifications and experience. You can find all these on our website. Also, are you possibly covered by your health fund, we take all these into consideration when booking your massage in Sydney and surrounding NSW areas.

How Long Does A Mobile Massage Take?


There’s no set length for a mobile massage session. It depends on how much work needs to be done and how long the client wants to have. Most clients will spend either 60 minutes or 90 minutes at a mobile massage session. We charge according to the duration of each session.

Is There Anything Else That I Should Know Before Booking My First Mobile Massage?


You’ll need to make sure that the mobile massage therapist has the right training and certification to perform the services you’re looking for. If you’re not comfortable with the idea of having a stranger enter your home, then you might want to consider a massage clinic instead. We are fully accredited, insured and have over 6 years of experience with sports, home and pregnancy massage.

Contact The Royal Masseur now and lets discuss your next massage ✔

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