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Hot Rocks and Massage

Hot Rocks Benefits

What do hot rocks do for massage?

Hot rocks are used to stimulate the circulation of blood in the muscles, and also to warm up the body. It can be used before a workout, after, or during a massage. It’s great for relieving muscle pain, increasing flexibility and improving overall health.


What does a hot rock massage feel like?

A hot rock massage is a massage that uses heated stones. The stones are placed on different areas of the body, and then the therapist moves them around to stimulate the muscles. A hot rock massage can be used for relaxation or pain relief, and it’s one of the most popular types of massage in the United States. The warm sensation from the stones can be relaxing, and it feels great for muscle tension. However, you should not have a hot rock massage if you have an infection or other medical condition.


Do you wear clothes for a hot stone massage?

You should dress comfortably when you go for a massage. Avoid wearing many layers of clothing. Hot stone therapy is done while your naked and covered with a blanket, exposing only the parts of your body being treated.


Which is better: deep tissue or hot stone massage?

Deep tissue massage helps clients “work out” the areas that are affected by chronic pain and injury.

Hot Stone massage focuses on helping a client to relax tight muscles.

Both offer benefits for relieving pain, removing tension, inducing relaxation, improving circulation, and boosting mood.

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What is a Remedial Massage?

Remedial Massage : Meaning

Remedial massage is basically a variety of therapeutic techniques which can be used to assess and treat damaged areas in your body, such as muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues. Through this systematic approach we can assist the body in rehabilitation, pain and injury management.

massaging a person face down

What is the difference between massage and remedial massage?

There’s a big difference between massage and remedial massage. In general, massage is designed to relieve muscle tension and restore joint range of motion. Deep tissue and/ or relaxation massages are wonderful as they improve general health & well-being, whereas remedial massages focuses on the areas that need rehabilitation and/or managing pain within the body.

For best results, all sessions begins with a systematic assessment of the body to determine which treatment plan will be best suited for you. Whether that is a remedial massage or deep tissue/ relaxation massage, you will be left feeling highly satisfied and see an overall improvement within your body.

What can I expect from a remedial massage?

Remedial massage is one of the most effective treatments for a wide range of issues such as aches, pains, sports injuries and headaches.

There are several techniques that may be used to help you reduce pain or heal an injury, such as trigger point therapy, cupping, deep tissue massage. 

The main goals of remedial massage are:

  • to reduce muscle tensions to promote the return of normal soft tissue length & joint Range Of Motion.
  • to increase the flow of blood and lymph, particularly to injured areas.
  • remove any adhesion/tension, damaged cells and scar tissue resulting from injury.
  • to manage pain and injuries during rehabilitation.

What is better deep tissue or Remedial massage?

Deep tissue massage is the best type of massage for those seeking an all-over body massage. It’s excellent for treating anxiety & muscle tension, tight joints, stimulating circulation, and also helps promote stress reduction & relaxation.

Remedial massage is a focused treatment and ideal for those with chronic pain and injuries that requires an in-depth approach and diagnosis.

The Royal Masseur massaging man on a massage table

Should you be sore after remedial massage?

Depending on the severity of your body’s condition will determine the ‘soreness’ you’ll be feeling post-massage.

You should definitely feel more energy after a massage and improved movement around your joints.

The initial pain you feel is your body repairing all the muscle tissues which were manipulated during your session. This is an automatic internal response as your body heals itself.

A massage is a great way to make your muscles feel relaxed. It can also help ease soreness, reduce injuries and relieve stiffness.

How often should you get remedial massage?

Regular massage is essential for maintaining good health and well-being. It helps keep our systems working optimally, and it can prevent serious injury from repetitive strains and bad daily habits.

Maintenance massage is recommended every 3 weeks, otherwise monthly treatments will suffice depending on your life’s schedule.

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Mobile Massage Therapy

Mobile massage therapy offers valuable flexibility in terms of scheduling and placement, whether it be at work, in the office, at home, or also in hotels for weary travellers, business consultants and couples on a romantic holiday.

Jeremy massaging a lady at work
Massage sessions can be very rewarding, however it all depends upon the mental attitude of the masseuse and his/her ability to provide a genuine and memorable experience for their client. It takes years to succumb to providing a great practice and memorable experience that both you and your clients enjoy. There’s a broad spectrum of massage modalities such as Myotherapy, Remedial, Swedish, Relaxation, and Therapeutic massage which expands the mobile massage business’s scope of service to account for all needs like The Royal Masseur.


Mobile Massage Therapy isn’t for everyone though. It is for those who want to create a memorable experience inside one’s home, hotel and/or office. The type of experience that even you the client will be questioning whether you’re in your own home. The mission is to create such an experience that one can only dream of having where they reside. It’s for those therapists who want to break out of the 4 walls & have the rewarding flexibility to bring value to our clients in the comfort of their place.

Being a Trusted Therapist

Sculpting skills that fit your character & skillset is an ongoing profession and until you absolutely immerse yourself in the craft of massage therapy itself, is when you will truely find your calling. In order for us mobile massage therapists to be able to enter a clients home, there needs to be an order of trust from the very moment you knock on that door. Here are 3 tips to help make the experience better and build a solid foundation:

  • SMILE – from the moment the door opens, no matter how bad your day has been, it is time to put your game face on and get to work. You are there to serve and the energy you project from the moment the door opens will set the tone for the whole treatment.
  • SHAKE HANDS & INTRODUCTION – another important gesture & sign of respect is to shake hands firmly with your client & introduce yourself. Hello my name is Jeremy & thank you for booking with us today/this evening. Absolutely looking forward to giving you the best experience (something that matches your energy & personality).
  •  GET TO KNOW YOUR CLIENT – whilst setting up get to know your client, feel the energy in the room & how their energy is and break the ice. A client intake form is highly recommended whether that’s online or paper, but the trick is, fill it out yourself whilst asking them the questions. You are the trusted authority, who cares a hell of a lot about them, make it known that you care & are interested in giving them the best experience ever.

    Become the trusted client that everyone loves and wants to have treat them on a regular basis. Build that rapport & know your clients needs, what they love and hate, their passions, hobbies & everything in between. There’s no better feeling for a client when you can immerse yourself into your clients life for the duration that you’re in their home and make them feel amazing. Learn what works for you & grow from what doesn’t work for you. Stick to your strengths and utilise them the best you can, whilst knowing what your weaknesses are and how you can transform them into strengths too.

    Become the mobile massage therapist everyone wants to see.