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About the Owner

Jeremy Joseph, The Royal Masseur

When Jeremy chose to study massage he instantly became a lifelong student in an ever-growing and changing field. As his techniques grew and became further fine-tuned to include special massages for pregnancy and utilizing hot rocks as well as having been a personal trainer, his understanding of both anatomy and theory quickly grew even further. Jeremy developed his own form of holistic healing. Modality taught Jeremy to use his body and strengths in new ways to perform the different massage methods.

He also learned to find greater strength and confidence within himself. This internal strength allowed him to provide the occasional physically demanding massage with confidence and ease, this, in turn, developed a greater self-awareness, self-trust, and focus.

Massage and Personal Development

While The Royal Masseur learns more about himself and his profession (and let’s face it, you never stop learning about performing a better massage), he also found he learned more about human nature as a whole. In the past, as a student working on other students, he gained a larger sense of understanding and compassion for both his classmates and circle of friends and family. As he practiced on more people, he discovered a synergy within himself, as if he was more in tune with his own energies, thoughts, and feelings as well as those of others. Particularly when at their most needy, tired, stressed, depressed, and in pain.

Being a mobile massage therapist taught Jeremy to become better able to understand and for want of better words, interpret the entirety of another person. This was a light bulb moment for Jeremy as, 5 years later, his clients trust him implicitly and tend to book his services over and over.

As a holistic massage therapist, Jeremy has developed finely tuned problem-solving skills, thus making each therapeutic treatment more unique and effective.

Throughout the years these lessons which began in massage school, simply continue as Jeremy continues to grow in his knowledge and experience in the field. Even the most seasoned therapist acknowledges that they need to improve, increase their understanding of the human anatomy and stay up to date with the latest massage therapeutic technology. The school merely provided him with a sound grounding to commence a life-long journey in the holistic-healing field. Jeremy’s experience with literally hundreds of clients in and around Sydney has taught him over the years that he has chosen a career as a holistic massage practitioner. A journey of continued learning, development, and personal development.


  • Other mobile massage therapists also offer an alternative to the Covid-19 crisis which has transformed the industry to a more versatile and holistic approach.
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